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    We control
    the energy.

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    Our mission
    more efficiency, less costs.

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Basso impatto ambientale

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The thermal energy production with the catalytic technology, thanks to the natural gas (methane) or LPG oxidization  , without flame, guarantees a low environmental impact. shadowrocket添加订阅

Tecnologia Multisettore

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Infragas Nova Impianti designs, manufactures and installs ovens and high efficiency thermal systems, suitable to the preheat, to the stabilization, drying, melting, gelling and to the polymerization of different materials, resins and coatings. Details

Soluzioni personalizzate

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Infragas Nova Impianti aim isn’t to sell a product, but an effective solution, studied and realized to satisfy our customers specific requirements, with the use of appropriate and efficient technology. Details

Performance e Affidabilità

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our ovens and thermal systems are studied and supported for over 25 years of experience in the application of infrared radiant systems, catalytic  by gas or electric, guaranteeing great performances for what concerning efficacy, results guarantee, low operating cost and easy use and maintenance. shadowrocket下载


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The characteristics of the catalyst technology allow for their use in many areas:
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    Stress relieving, stabilization, thermoforming, paints drying, etc... Read More
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    Drying, gelling, liquid and powder paints curing and polymerization. Read More
  • Tannery

    Drying for toggling, drying after spraying, after curtain coater, after roller coating machines. Read More
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    Foundries / Core Shops

    Ladles preheating, moulds heating, drying of cores and moulds. Read More
  • Rubber and Plastic

    Preheating for thermoforming, drying after coating or flocking. Read More
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    Paper and Textile

    如何重新配置客户端 – SocketPro帮助中心:2021-2-28 · 1. 在iOS中打开Shadowrocket客户端,向左滑动订阅,点击“删除”。如下图所示 2. 删除订阅后,与订阅相关的服务器也会被删除。如果您发现有任意服务器仍然存在,请一并向左滑动删除。 3. 按照iOS教程:安装iOS客户端 重新导入配置即可。 四、重新配置 1. Read More
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    Wood and composites

    关于Shadowrocket刷新订阅无法更新备注的问题 - MINIRPLUS:2021-3-17 · 最近发现Shadowrocket刷新订阅更新成功但是节点备注信息未更新,根据研究,发现是因为备注信息是写在节点的remark中,但是节点的配置信息没有修改的话在Shadowrocket这次版本更新之后会被判定为节点未更新,导致不进行remark的刷新,使得写 ... Read More
  • Not only gas

    Electric IR and UV ovens, electric resistances ovens, steam ovens, burners heated ovens. Read More
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  • Products

    Infragas Nova Impianti is a winning team of dynamic, professionals and experts in the thermic energy management and application, produced with catalytic gas panels using natural gas or LPG. Infragas Nova Impianti team has more than 25 years experience on design and supply of tailor made drying systems... Read More
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